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How Renderblitz Works for You

You give us construction plans, sketches or even photos and specify the perspectives you would like to have. We will implement your vision in several steps into emotionally charged images:

1. Checklist: What we need

2. First draft: 3D-Model

Außenvisualisierung eines Zweifamilienhauses in Meerbusch - workflow Erste Abgabe

3. Materialization according to your specifications

4. Designing the atmosphere (inside and outside)

Datenanalyse und Bereitstellung der Checkliste für Kunden

Checklist: What we need and time schedule

After we receive your order, we work out the task and the concept for the visualization together with our architects and renderers and define a to-do list.

We check all the data you send us. Every little detail can help us to better implement the project. This data can be already existing visualizations, CAD files, drawings, sketches, references or even concepts. We prepare all required data and inform you if something is missing to clarify all open points and create a schedule on this basis. We strive to produce your work as quickly as possible, but of course the quality of the delivered work is our top priority.

We take a lot of time and do our best to specify your wishes and ideas exactly and then of course implement them piece by piece in the project. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive advice during the project, if necessary.

First draft: 3D model

After we have collected all the necessary information and defined the concept for the visualization, we can use special modeling programs to create the three-dimensional model of the object to be visualized in three-dimensional space.

This step serves to define and coordinate the scene to be depicted and the camera perspectives with you.

Already at this point you can express corrections, wishes and suggestions regarding the viewing angle and the image detail. After your Feedback, we create the first photorealistic preview with a resolution of 1,600 pixels on the long side.

Materialization according to your specifications

Now we add to the 3D model all the details you specified, such as desired materials, textures and light sources, and provide you with a detailed preview of the rendering. All these details make a very big part of the effect of your final visualization.

Usually, our projects receive two free proofreading passes. Therefore, you are asked here to provide us with your change requests and suggestions in a summarized form.

Atmosphere design & final visualization

In this final phase, we take care of the post-processing of the visualizations. In this way, a realistic and vivid overall rendering is created.

According to your specifications and wishes, we design the outdoor environment with people, terrain, trees, bushes, etc. and also set up the interiors. All materials, textures and lighting come to life and together create an atmospheric final result.

After the second free correction, we deliver the final visualization in 4K resolution. 

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